Catastrophe Claims History

The true quality of any insurance company is tested when claims arise. RoyalStar Assurance has experienced many catastrophic events over the years and continues to protect the assets of its policyholders. From 2004, such disasters have produced claims in excess of $550,000,000. The most noteworthy of these catastrophes were:

YearCatastropheIncurred Claims
2004Hurricane Frances$73,000,000
2004Hurricane Jeanne$28,900,000
2005Hurricane Wilma$9,500,000
2011Hurricane Irene$6,000,000
2012Hurricane Sandy$3,000,000
2013May Floods$1,900,000
2016Hurricane Matthew$51,000,000
2019Hurricane Dorian$283,557,000
2004Hurricane Ivan$135,400,000
2008Hurricane Ike$1,500,000
2017Hurricane Irma$1,000,000
The above figures exclude Network Partnership Claims.

RSA is financially stable and well capitalized to support our clients’ needs. The fact that we have been able to meet such a volume of catastrophic claims is a tribute to our disciplined underwriting philosophy, fair claims settlement, strong capital base and sound reinsurance programme.

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